The Rotary Club of Red Deer Sunrise welcomes applications from Red Deer community groups and organizations to our Community Grants program. The Club’s priority is to enrich lives and brighten futures for children, families, and youth. All applications meeting the selection criteria will be considered.

Funds raised for the Community Grants program come from a variety of sources including:

·        Club Fundraising Events

·        Member Donations

·        Rotary District Grants

Grant requests can range from $250 - $10,000

To be eligible, interested organizations must be a provincially Registered Not-for-Profit Organization OR a Registered Charity with a CRA Charitable Donation Number AND, complete the Rotary Club of Red Deer Sunrise funding application in its entirety.

Applications will be reviewed and weighted on the following criteria:

·        Degree to which the initiative (project/service/program) meets the objectives of Rotary.

·        Degree to which the success of the initiative can be measured.

·        Degree to which the applying organization can implement and operate the initiative.

·        Degree to which the initiative will support the needs of the Red Deer community.

·        Degree to which the initiative meets the mission, mandate, and goals of the applying organization and does not duplicate existing services.

·        Degree to which funding from the Rotary Club of Red Deer Sunrise will be recognized.

·        Degree to which the initiative presents opportunity for club members and other volunteers to participate.

Spring 2024 applications will be received until 12 Noon, Thursday March 28, 2024. Successful applicant(s) will be announced by April 30, 2024

For more information contact info@rdrotarysunrise.ca